What's Up, Chock? is the 4th episode in the Planet Sheen TV series.


Aseefa finds that her pet chocktow, Chock Chock, is missing and after Sheen goes tornado jumping, finds him and the gang and asks for help. Sheen decides that, to impress Aseefa, find Chock Chock, and of course, Doppy and Nesmith go along too. They soon find him, but Chock Chock had fallen in love with another female in the pack of chocktows he was now in, and refuses to leave. But when Chock Chock learns that his girlfriend has gone off to another chocktow, he returns to Aseefa. But before they can leave, the rest of the chockows become hungry and chase after them. The group quickly hop on Chock Chock, who runs off the gang. The chocktows have been gaining, and Sheen directs Chock Chock to the tornadoes. They make it in time, and jump into the funnels. Chock Chock's weight soon causes them to sink, But Sheen tells Nesmith to do the Barrel of Monkeys pose, and when everyone is linked, Chock Chock jumps to safety. Soon Sheen and Aseefa jump back in the tornadoes, leaving Chock Chock to run, Nesmith to read, and Doppy to stand there. The episode ends with Sheen writing in his journal that he is happy for his new friends, Aseefa and Chock Chock.

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When Aseefa discovers that Chock Chock, her pet Chocktow, has run away she comes to Sheen for help. In an effort to impress Aseefa, Sheen and the gang agree to track Chock Chock down at any cost. However, in order to do so they must travel to the Gulley of Razor Sharp Fangs, infiltrate a vicious pack of Chocktows, one of the scariest creatures in Zeenu, and convince Chock Chock to return home. When they arrive in the Gulley of Razor Sharp Fangs, Chock Chock has fallen in love and doesn’t want to leave. But when he finds out that his love interest already has a boyfriend, he wants to go home with Aseefa.


  • The title "What's Up, Chock?" is a pun on Bugs Bunny's famous catchphase "What's Up, Doc?".
  • This is the second appearance of Aseefa and [[Chock Chock].]