Well Bread Man

Episode:4 Couple Episode:Sheen for a day

Well Bread Man is the 4th episode together with the episode Sheen for a day.

Plot Edit

The episode starts in emperor's palace that Sheen learns Doppy and Emperor how to make sandwiches with toothpicks.Suddenly Princess Oom comes with a giant loaf of bread and says that is Broble's time.Sheen asks Emperor what is Broble's time.Doppy explains to Sheen that Broble's time is one day that the Buleabus sing their "beautiful" song the Zeenunians fall at the cliff of Broble with their breads.Sheen wants to do it,but Emperor says to him that he must be an adult or he must have his parents' permission.Then Sheen decides that he wants to become an adult.Emperor says to him that he must do the test on the fire.In a corner of the palace was Dorkus that listened them.Then a bad plan comes in Dorkus head.He decides to be Sheen's coach for the test on the fire.Sheen agreed.On Dorkus' house,Dorkus says to Pinter his plan,to make Sheen fall into Kungor's hole.Sheen comes with Dorkus' shoes and suitcase.Dorkus says to Sheen to look Kungor's hole,but because Sheen had put slime in Dorkus' shoes he was gliding till he pushed Dorkus into to Kungor's hole.After Dorkus bilked he decided to make another plan,to sabotage one of his cars,because inside will be bomb.Sheen bilked driving Dorkus' Zerraries.In the end Dorkus did a trick with a rock on the plate with the candies.Sheen didn't hurt but Dorkus yes.After that Emperor decided to start the test on the fire,but in the end Emperor trade it into to test with egg on head.Sheen passed and went to Broble cliff.Dorkus tried to do Broble but Buleabuses stopped singing and Dorkus felt.

Appearances Edit

Sheen, Doppy, Emperor, Princess Oom, Dorkus, Buleabus, Pinter.

Trivia Edit

  • Zerrari is a type of car like Ferrari.