One of the Gronzes

"See, this is why we're the best, and now...we 're gonna laugh at you! Hahaha!"

The Brothers Gronze
The Brothers Gronze
Personal Information
Gender Male
Species Acrobates
Age 28
Affiliations each!
Homeworld Zeenu
Interests Circus
Production Information
Voiced by Chris Navile

The brothers Gronze are acrobats Sheen Sheen challenge in combat while he thinks the databetter. He challenges the Gronze for stacking books. Dorkus then as he thinks good bratrid of that now he has it pretty wrong. Sheen and Gronzen are right at the top. After laughter from the Gronzen, Sheen. Sheen was angry at the Gronzen Gronzen and therefore go with books throw. They laugh again and Sheen uses his overall body strength. Gronzen the fly from the stack. Dorkus is at the bottom of the emperor and he explains that Sheen must be dead. Instead, countries in the Gronzen Dorkus.


  • It is unknowned if they survived or not or just had a concussion.