The Fire Waffles are a species of food creature that live on Planet Zeenu.


The Fire Waffles are small and square tan waffle-looking creatures that don't seem to have any visible eyes, but can easily know their surrondings. They also have mouths that blend into their waffle-looking bodies. Their bottom corners are a little bent in a curve shape, since they need to walk.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

  • Blowing fire out their mouths.
  • Fighting againist eaters.
  • Melting cheese.


The Fire Waffles are fighty when someone trys to eat them, but are quite obedient as well, and will take orders from someone who speaks their language.


  • Aseefa can speak The Fire Waffle language as well as Zeenuian.


  • Torzilla
  • Been There, Sheen That