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Joust Friends is the fifth episode of Planet Sheen from season one.

Characters PresentEditEdit


Sheen must fight with Oom's ex-boyfriend.


When Princess Oom's gigantic, two-headed ex-boyfriend, Grish the Beautiful, returns home to Zeenu, he is not happy to find out she's in love with someone else: Sheen. A super jealous Grish challenges Sheen to a battle for Princess Oom's honor at the Palace of Pain in front of the whole kingdom.

Sheen decides his only option is to escape from Zeenu before he is forced to fight for the heart of an alien princess he does not even love, so he dresses up as a girl to escape with Nesmith. However, his plan backfires when the route he is taking leads him to the Palace of Pain battle arena.

Sheen does win the battle, though does not like the outcome, a super-excited Princess Oom.