Dorkus Aurelius
Dorkus planet sheen
Personal Information
Gender Male
Species Zeenuian
Affiliations The Emperor, Pinter
Occupation Royal Adviser, Doctor
Homeworld Zeenu
Residence His house
Interests Trying to destroy Sheen for destroying his house the first time and for taking his place as Supreme Royal Adviser, trying to make a mockery out of Sheen, scheming
Parents Mother (Mentioned but never seen)

Mr Areulius (father)

Others Sidekick: Pinter
Production Information
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance Banana Quest
Voiced by Jeff Glen Bennett

Dorkus Aurelius is the main antagonist that appears in Planet Sheen. He is voiced by Jeff Glen Bennett.


Dorkus is a scheming Zeenuian who is bound and determined to put an end to Sheen Estevez.  Before Sheen showed up, he used to be the Emperor's right-hand man. Now he has been replaced by a spazzy space cadet who can't even pass the 4th grade, much less help rule a planet. Dorkus has very good reason to be irritated with Sheen, such as Sheen making a huge mockery out of his name, Sheen taking all the credit for saving the planet when it was his own mistake in the first place (i.e. Going to a black market to get a fake Glimmorian Mustache in return that he cannot eat cake). However, Dorkus goes a little over the edge to try to regain his rightful place as Supreme Royal Adviser, in which the Emperor takes absolutely no notice of his antics.


  • In Trial by Jerry, Dorkus' last name is first mentioned as "Aurelius".
  • The pseudonym of Dorkus is "Judy" as shown in "Act 1, Sheen 1". The Emperor and Sheen think Dorkus is a great actor.
  • Considering Dorkus' place as a "villain" in the Planet Sheen Series, it is unknown whether Dorkus had the same personality prior to Sheen's arrival on Zeenu.