Boh-Rok the Destroyer
Personal Information
Gender Male
Species Alien Horse
Occupation Destroying villages (bad)
Doing good deeds (good)
Homeworld Zeenu
Parents Mother (mentioned but not seen)
Production Information
First Appearance "Is This Cute?"
Last Appearance "Is This Cute?"
Voiced by Bob Joles (Mean)
Candi Milo (Good)

Boh-Rok the Destroyer is a giant alien horse who came to Planet Zeenu to destroy Sheen. The reason why he is so mean is because of all the things he got into nose using his nose hair. When Sheen and Dorkus got him to sneeze, Boh-Rok became nice again and planned to build a library filled with books that have happy endings, and took Dorkus with him. He appeared in "Is This Cute?"

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